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A Complete Guide to Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy

Published February 1st, 2022 by NYTPS Inc

The world can be very overwhelming for everyone. For children, the world can be more overwhelming than it is for adults. As your child gets older, there are certain social interaction benchmarks they need to hit to be comfortable functioning in our society. 

It's ok to worry about your child if they struggle with positive social skills and their daily behavior. Applied behavior analysis therapy is the perfect option if your child is struggling. 

But what exactly is applied behavior analysis therapy? We'll tell you everything you need to know so you can make the right decision for your child. 

What Is Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy?

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy is a type of therapy that works with you and your child to improve your child's developmental progress. We focus on improving good behaviors that can help them succeed in life.

Some children might have behaviors that are hindering their progress. They may also struggle with communication and dealing with some situations. We work with you to reduce these behaviors so they aren't an issue.

Your child, like all of us, bases their behavior on their enviornment. What happens when they do things will change how they function.

Will My Insurance Cover It?

Like with all medical programs, it's important to check with your insurance because the answer can vary. But yes, insurance does cover applied behavior analysis therapy

The Goals of ABA Therapy

ABA therapy has decades of research behind it. It is an ethical and safe way to help your child progress in areas where they are struggling. ABA therapy will help your child be a better member of society.

ABA therapy will help parents understand what they can do for their children. Parents will be able to take a bigger role in their child's skill growth. If your child struggles with situations like crowds or being away from you, ABA therapy will also give you the tools you need to help them relax.

ABA therapy for kids is engaging, fun, and productive. They will gain the positive skills they need to function in our society. Your child will also understand that negative behaviors will not help them, so they will stop doing them.

The Role of a Therapist

In New York, a behavior analyst with a state license who meets BCBA requirements will act as a therapist for your child throughout this process. The therapist can also work with special education teachers to reinforce your child's independence and skill growth.

The therapist will begin by connecting with your child. Once they understand your child, the therapist can cater this experience to them.

During the connection period, your child will begin to trust the therapist. Once they trust the therapist, it will be easier to work with the child. This is a safe, fun environment for your child. 

Your therapist will create a treatment specific to your child. A team of board-certified behavior analysts will work together to decide what your child needs to do.

The main role of the therapist is to collect data on your child, like right and wrong interactions. This data is charted from session to session to monitor progress. If the data shows that your child needs help in another area, they can add it to their sessions.

The therapist will reinforce positive behavior choices. They will also establish that negative behaviors are bad in a way that your child will easily understand.

What Happens During an ABA Therapy Session?

For any parent, sending your child to meet with a stranger for the first time can be scary. Here's what to expect in an ABA therapy session

The session will always begin with the therapist bonding with your child. The therapist needs to understand what the child is interested in that session so they can use the right motivators.

Once your child knows that this is a fun experience, the therapist will start teaching your child while playing with them. Your therapist will reward good behaviors. On difficult days, the therapist will find small victories for your child to celebrate. 

The lessons that happen during therapy will depend on what your child's lesson plan is. For example, if the focus is social interaction, then your therapist will work on that. There will also be periodical breaks and the occasional interaction with another child

Who ABA Therapy Is For

Applied behavior analysis is for any child who needs it. Children with autism spectrum disorders are common patients for ABA therapy. At the end of the day, this therapy was created to help any child with behavioral challenges.

Many children had their social behavior impacted by Covid-19. Depending on how big of an impact it had, ABA therapy can be a good option to catch them up.

Remember, the focus of this therapy is to treat any negative behaviors and reinforce positive behaviors your child has. While the focus of the therapy tends to be children, it can be used for any age group. The parents might also learn something about themselves while their child gets treatment!

For family members, ABA therapy can be a difficult situation. In New York, you can get a mental health support service to work through your struggles alongside your child's treatment. This additional therapy can reduce stress, depression, and anxiety in parents and make it easier for them to support their children as they progress.

How Long Will My Child Be In ABA Therapy?

Every child has different needs, and so every child will have a different treatment length. The more complex the problems are for your child, the longer they will need to work to overcome them

The age you start ABA therapy can also impact how long your child needs it. It can be easier to correct behaviors in younger children because they are not as ingrained.

You just need to trust the process. As long as your child is progressing, the program is worth it.

Work With The Perfect Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy for Your Child

Applied behavior analysis therapy is a great way to help your child have a strong foundation for their future. A therapist will help them work through their challenges and they will come out the other side a better person

New York Therapy Placement Services can help you find the perfect therapist for you and your child. We have an excellent team waiting to hear from you. Contact us and help your child get back on track today

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