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ABA During the Holidays

Published December 19th, 2022 by NYTPS Inc

Give the Gift of a Perfect List!

As parents of children with autism, you know that the holidays are just a little more exhausting for you than for most families. From going off schedule due to holiday events to an influx of new people, you and your child may be feeling a bit overwhelmed!

However, there are many ways to reduce stress during the holiday season, and we would like to focus on one of them. This stressor is the subject of gift-giving to your child. As we both know, autistic children may not have the same wants and needs as other children during the holiday season. While your child's cousin might be thrilled with the latest Marvel action figure, your child might tend to unwrap it and throw it in the corner. This might make an awkward situation for all involved!

To avoid this situation, giving your loved ones a list of what your child enjoys is prudent and very polite. Not only will this avoid any conflicts and bad feelings, but it will also delight your child with receiving what they will play with!

At NYTPS, Inc. we know that the stress of the holidays is more magnified for parents of children with Special Needs, and we hope this advice will help you at this time of year.

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