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Coping with Holiday Stress

Published November 3rd, 2022 by NYTPS Inc

Stressful Times Call for Soothing Self-Care!

With the holidays arriving quickly, stress is one of the biggest concerns of most people. From shopping for presents to gift wrapping to creating the ideal holiday meal, we all feel overwhelmed by the chaos this time of year creates. However, there are ways that you can stop the overwhelming feelings and fight for solace in the specialness that the holidays create.

Stress Busters to Create Harmony This Holiday Season

  • If you haven't done so, start a lifestyle planner and stick with it. Not only will you be more organized, but you will also have a to-do list that gets done
  • Instead of feeding your usual bad habits such as biting your nails, ward them off with an item such as a fidget spinner or stress ball and release stress while also giving your hands a workout
  • Practice self-care to the max. Massages, pedicures, and yoga feel good, and they are also ways to raise dopamine levels, which is a natural cocktail for stress relief
  • Plan your finances. The holidays have a way of making us think that we can afford more than we actually can. By creating a financial budget for holiday shopping, you will find that you will take your stress-relief practices far into the future

We understand that November is particularly stressful for all due to the upcoming holidays and other year-end factors. These concerns are why it is "Stress Awareness Month." NYTPS would like to educate you on how to breeze through all the stressful scenarios during these times!

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