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  • Dec 28
  • Dec 19

    ABA During the Holidays

    Give the Gift of a Perfect List! As parents of children with autism, you know that the holidays are just a little more exhausting for you than for most families. ...

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  • Dec 15

    Holiday Stress

    Does Holiday Stress Have You Feeling a Mess? We often hear that the holidays are "the most wonderful time of the year," For some of us, though, we ...

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  • Dec 8

    Person With Disabilities

    When we think of disabilities, we often think of those using a walker, wheelchair, or another medical device. However, as the saying goes, not all disabilities are apparent to the ...

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  • Nov 28

    How Does My Child Learn to Play?

    Blog author: Miriam Fruchter, MA, CCC-SLP   In my last blog, we discussed the stages of speech and language development from birth through age 3, but did you know that the ...

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  • Nov 24

    ABA Insurance Coverage

    Are Out-of-Pocket Expenses for ABA Not a Fiscal Reality? Health insurance can be complicated, especially when ABA therapy is involved. As an accredited ABA therapy provider, we know what ...

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