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Teletherapy in ABA

Published August 4th, 2022 by NYTPS Inc


In today's post-pandemic world, one of the patients' chief complaints is the lapse in autism services they received during this crisis. With telehealth becoming the norm for more than just busy executives, our current mental health services have found a way to provide premium care utilizing video services. Like all other therapy methods, our telehealth services are HIPAA compliant, and your child's patient confidentiality is held in the highest regard.

When providing quality telehealth autism therapy to our minor patients, NYPTS collaborates with the best in technology and mental health care.


Applied Behavior Analysis therapy using telehealth creates an environment where we see much patient success and growth. Not only can the patient see the therapist in their home setting, but it also allows the therapist a glimpse into the world of the patient that they would not see otherwise. Home telehealth also helps with anxiety and stress that an autism patient may feel with their first experiences in therapy. We have found that a young patient's home during therapy can be just the safety net they need when seeking mental health treatment for the first time.

Another great benefit of ABA therapy using telehealth is its convenience. We all live busy lives, and getting your child to and from therapy appointments can be trying. With our remote mental health therapy, you and your child will not have to negotiate busy roads to get treatment. Your child's autism therapy will be in the convenience and privacy of your home. No more feeling like you have two jobs and a paper route regarding your child's activities and needs.

With our secure and confidentiality-safe video apps, your behavioral therapist can still see your child read their facial expressions and other body languages to assess their needs further. Your child will not hide behind the cloak of anonymity of just a phone call. Our telehealth service ensures all aspects of behavioral health and its assessment needs are met through audio and visual therapy experience. Your child's BCBA (Board Certified Behavioral Analysis) therapist will consistently observe all interactions during these sessions.


At NYPTS, the needs of autistic child patients are always at the forefront of our practice. This compassionate care is why we now offer the convenience of mental telehealth and have put this technology into our repertoire of psychology services. We understand that working moms and dads need other avenues to get their children the mental health care they need. We pride ourselves on providing excellent Applied Behavior Analysis therapy that meets the needs of our families with autistic children in a telehealth setting.

When looking for the perfect solution for the ongoing mental health needs of your family and autistic child, NYPTS is the place to seek caring assistance - both in and out of the office!

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