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The Surprising Benefits of Home Health Care

Published November 24th, 2021 by NYTPS Inc

Did you know that you or a loved one can receive health care at home? There's no need to move into an assisted living home or visit doctors every day.

 But why choose home health care over other types of care? Are there really any substantial benefits of home health care that make it a better option for your or your loved one? 

Whether you're a patient, a family member, or even a home care facility, we want to keep you informed so you can make the best decision. Keep reading to learn more.


One of the top benefits of home health care is that it's more accessible.

The average person who needs home health care will struggle to leave their home. They may be fatigued, they may have mobility struggles, or they may be bedridden (among other things). Getting to appointments isn't as easy for them as it would be for someone who is healthy and able-bodied.

Many people who require home health care are no longer able to drive (if they were able to do so in the first place). This means that the patient has to find someone to drive them, hire a rideshare, or manage public transportation.

Public transportation isn't available for everyone, and it's often inaccessible for people with mobility struggles. It's also not always possible for family members to handle driving their loved ones to appointments. 

With home health care, the professionals come right to the patients. 


While there's nothing wrong with moving into a nursing home or assisted-living facility, many adults aren't ready to make that transition. They may feel like leaving their homes will make them less independent. This is also true for people who are young but have chronic health conditions. 

By using home health care services, the patient can continue taking care of all of their day-to-day tasks while still receiving the care that they need to stay healthy. 

They can prepare their own meals, do their own chores, hang out with their friends, and stay active.


Did you know that home health care is safer than visiting a doctor or hospital? This is true for several reasons. 

First, a home health care provider can help prevent serious hospital visits. They're able to perform routine checkups, preventative care, therapeutic care, physical therapy, and more. 

By offering physical and occupational therapy in a home environment, home health care professionals also get to personalize their treatment for the patient's home. A patient is safer when they know how to navigate their environment, and this isn't as possible when they're receiving care from someone who isn't familiar with their environment. 

When someone doesn't have to leave the house, they lower their risk for serious falls. 

When it comes to preventative care, it's crucial if the patient wants to avoid more serious care in the future (or serious damage). 


A home health care provider can work on the patient's schedule (within reason). It's not always possible to visit the doctor. Many doctor's offices are only open during normal work hours. Even if the person receiving care doesn't work, they'll need to find transportation from someone who likely does work.

If the patient needs a home health care professional right away, they're able to get that care without having to go out of their way to visit a doctor or therapist. 

Help for Caregivers

So what if you already have caregivers? 

A home health care professional can reduce caregiver burnout. Both professional caregivers and family caregivers often struggle to maintain an ideal standard of care for the patient. No one can handle all of the services that someone needs. 

By using a home health care service, the caregivers will be able to take a brief break while they know that the patient is in good hands. They'll also be able to learn from the home health care professional so they can adjust their care and take care of problems in the future. 

Because physical and occupational therapy at home will also make the patient more independent, they may also need less care in the future. This will relieve some of the burdens on the caregivers. 


This may surprise you, but home health care is one of the best options for saving money when someone has a chronic illness or is aging. 

It's no secret that hospital and doctor visits are expensive. When someone experiences a serious health problem, they can spend thousands of dollars getting it fixed (if it's fixable). 19% of Americans have medical debt.

While there are costs associated with hiring a home health care professional, the preventative and restorative care that they offer will prevent many potential hospital visits in the future.  


When a patient utilizes home health care, the home care professional can personalize their services. They become more acquainted with each individual patient.

Hospitals and doctor's offices see hundreds of patients per week. While doctors do their best to remember patient details, it isn't always possible to tailor each service to each patient. 

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Home Health Care

Do you need someone who needs home health care? There are plenty of tempting benefits of home health care as an alternative to seeking outside care. Between safety, accessibility, personalization, and all of the other benefits, it makes sense to invest in home care.

Do you need home therapy and care for a loved one or patient? At New York Therapy Placement Services, we want to send the perfect home health care professional to you.

Contact us to learn all about our services today.

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