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Applied Behavior Analysis & Behavior Treatment 

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*** Updates: NYTPS, Inc. partners with CentralReach for Practice Management and Clinical Solutions. 

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We are proud to grow our network of Service Providers We are currently accepting new network participants in The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Our learners need in-person instruction as we transition into blended learning models.

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Behavior Technicians under the supervision of a Licensed Behavior Analyst (BCBA/LBA). Our Behavior Technicians provide 1:1 Individualized therapy at home and in the community. Each child's profile of strengths are outlined in the Behavior Treatment plan customized to fit their needs. 

Our curriculum addresses independent living skills, socialization and specific programming to address communication skills. Our therapists are selected based on their years of experience working in the field of developmental disabilities. Our Behavior Analysts and Technicians understand the needs of Autism Spectrum Disorders for the child and family. Making a good match for your child can be difficult, and our placement coordinator will help answer your questions and help you with the process for selecting the appropriate provider. 

Each of our Behavior Analysts hold New York State Licensure and are required to hold and maintain BCBA Requirements.

We also provide ABA Therapy supplemental to Special Education Services. Our Special Education Teachers specialize in working with children who display challenging behaviors, significant deficits in social skills and communication. The focus of the session is to boost independence and teach new skills! 

We offer help for loved ones: Mental health for family members and caregivers.

A new component to our ABA Program is our Mental Health Support Services for family members. We understand that not only the child with Autism needs support but also family members, caregivers around the child may be struggling with their own personal issues. Caring for a loved one with Autism Spectrum Disorders can be difficult. With all of the day to day stress of keeping up with schedules, family obligations and the balance of home and work life can leave some to feel hopeless, and some family members may be struggling with Anxiety and Depressions, Substance Abuse or other problems. 

We offer confidential individual therapy, which is covered by insurance. Our team specializes in helping families and working with children that have Autism and Special Needs. 

When you enroll below our team will quickly respond to your inquiry and help you with the process for Insurance Verification. 


Find out more about Applied Behavior Analysis and the Behavior Analysis Certification Board


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