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Mental & Behavioral Health

In addition to education based services, NYTPS are accepting insurance as in-network providers for Outpatient Mental Health and Counseling Services.

NYTPS, Inc. Offers Mental Health and Counseling Services


NYTPS Inc. offers a number of different ways to gain access to help. In addition to education based services, we are accepting insurance as in-network providers for Outpatient Mental Health Services. 

Mental Health and Counseling Services may include evaluations, individual and group therapy, family counseling, grief counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, DBT therapy and strategies to help cope with anxiety and depression. Our network of providers have a varied array of clinical expertise. We will match you with a therapist that fits your therapy goals. 


Mental Health & Counseling: Individual Psychotherapy via Private Insurance 

Are you feeling down or anxious? Perhaps you are caring for individuals with Special Needs. We are here to offer you support. Our therapy will lead to self-discovery and growth with the tools you need to get on track. We offer individual and family therapy. Our intake team will help you learn about insurance coverage and benefits.



Educational Counseling Services at NYTPS: 

We are a contract service provider for the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) and with school districts to deliver counseling services. These services are administered for preschool and school age children for students with IEP's. Social workers are experienced and selected based on their areas on strengths in specific types of therapies. Some areas of therapy include, but are not limited to:

  • Play Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
  • Social Emotional Development 

Group and/or individual sessions are administered in accordance with the child's IEP as well as the number of sessions and allocated time per session. 

Obtain NYC DOE Based Services 

We are a primary provider of contracted counseling in Staten Island, Manhattan and other areas. 


Looking for a Career? We are looking to expand our network of LCSW, LMHC and Clinical Psychologists.

Providers Interested in working with the NYC DOE

Providers Interested in our insurance-based Group Practice

NYTPS Inc. is an Approved Provider for Continuing Education for New York State Social Workers! Check out our upcoming workshops!



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