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Intake Process

We help make it easy.

Getting started may seem like a daunting process but our professional Intake Coordinators will help guide you! 

Whether you seek services within school systems and private insurance fill out the form below. 

We are also in network with the following insurance carriers for ABA Therapy and Mental Health/Therapy Services. 


Process for Intake  

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1 Intake

Fill out the form below and submit all requisite patient information including the doctor’s diagnosis and your child’s insurance card and/or educational records. 

5 Therapy

Our clinicians develop a plan of care, which is then scheduled with. Our services are being offered via Telehealth and/or In-Person. 

2 Certification

We connect with your insurance carrier or school representative to certify services. We then assign a therapist to your case –  based on your preferences and family needs 

4 Approval

We retain authorization to provide services from the school district or insurance company.

3 Assessment

We review case history and may perform an in-depth, intake assessment. 

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